Save Me Maryann




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Class is something that can be difficult to come by in music these days. That this class also comes in a package with spot-on, even prodigious, melodies, and an overpowering personality is something close to a miracle. The New York quartet (previously CHARIOTS OF TUNA) play a beyond-perfect pop at its finest, with a luminous energy inherited directly from TEENAGE FANCLUB, with the crystalline guitars of THE LA’s and the vocal precision of THE BEACH BOYS, as you can hear on marvels like “Save Me Maryann” and “A New Beginning”.


released October 11, 2010


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Track Name: Save Me Maryann
Something you looked for for so many years
What a surprise when it comes in a moment
And, crossing the mountains of tears
Stakes a new claim on the peak of the suffering
Led by a vision of faith
Something you saw in a dream
Writes a new page on the face of the fears
Over the face of screams

Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh you can play me Maryann
Oh like a xylophone
Don’t leave me here all alone

In a new country, I pick up the phone
And through the wires I make a new contact now
And the clouds slip away
There’s a new day as the sky makes an opening
Despite the dying storm, I find it hard to feel warm
Takes more than her wordlings, more than her smiles
To carry across the miles

Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh you can show me, Maryann
Oh show me where to roam
Every ambition strikes home

Back in the world, you can float in a daze
Like a balloon that a child let go too soon
So you look for a weight
Something to let out the air so you deflate
This is the highest of things
This is the purest of pure
How can I hold it when you’re not there
Emptiness at my door?

Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh come and save me, Maryann
Oh I believe in Maryann
Like she believes in me
Counting the days til we’re free

Oh, Maryann
Track Name: A New Beginning
I never thought that I would matter in that way
I never would have guessed that one of us would cry today
A window opened. Now I don’t know where I am
Why can’t we just stay where we began?

A new beginning
Another end
This is forever
If we pretend

You never thought that you would want to try again
You never figured you would give so much to anyone
When I appeared, you tossed your caution on the floor
Back to run the race you lost before

A new beginning
Another dream
This could be magic
Or just a scheme
I have seen this road before
I have opened up a door to find, behind it
There is nothing like the sun
How to end the start once it’s begun?

I have seen this road before
I have opened up a door to find there’s nothing there
I couldn’t live without
Once that happens, all there is is doubt
Track Name: War Hero
In the distance there is thunder
As you come down out of the clouds
Four long years I have been waiting
The sky is dark but there is light
The rushing fills my ears
The wind, it carries away tears
Now the world is filled by the sound as you come

Every day you lived with danger
It was your friend, like a warm bath
Back at home, I darned my stockings
Watched Mickey Mouse, saved chicken fat
While you were killing men, I planted a Victory Garden
Now the world is filled by the sound as you come

Oh, faith is all you have when you lead a love by letters
Is it everything you need?
If love is all you have, and love is all you need
Then why are all us people living lives of misery?

Every day in things around me
I could catch hints that you were there
Something in the crowded places
Flash of a voice, shine of a hair
I hope you still love me
I wonder what I will see
Now at least the veils are falling away

I met men every day
And they all had things to offer
And they thought they could fill my needs
But you are my hero
I hold your memory
A rope that I grab on to when I fear I’m falling free

Oh, you are my war hero
You rise above the crowd
A note of peace when everything is loud
You’re everything I hoped for
The light that fills my sky
And you put the tears here in my eye
Track Name: Air