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Oh, how we missed eighties synth-pop! And those vocoders that make robotic voices! Those futuristic melodies! We are celebrating the release of the Galician duo MILKNAUT’s first single, which we’re releasing as part of the New Adventures in Pop collection, and which will be a delicacy for fans of NEW ORDER, KRAFTWERK, RHEINGOLD, DAF, GIORGIO MORODER, TELEX, OMD and EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS. The group formed in Vigo in 2008, from the ashes of a previous project called MURMURA, and consists of Iago Reigosa (bass, guitar and synthesizers) and Bruno Murmura (song writing, arrangements, voice and synthesizers), both of whom are conservatory music professors (take that!) who transform into galactic robots at night and, under that facet, got in touch with Elefant Records in 2010.

Thanks to that moment, this white, limited-edition single, “Gumboot Girl”, is here, which has four incredibly addictive and fantastic songs. The title track is the most surprising within the style, because of that guitar that starts the song off and which quickly turns into a melody that evokes the delicate blips of LALI PUNA. In any case, we have a glorious song before us, an unstoppable dance hit with its marvellous arpeggiators. “Underground Gardener” doesn’t let the rhythm up at all, with those wind instruments popping up for the chorus and the vocoder that takes a leading role, while the track continues to steadily raise the temperature. “Stay in My World” is pop par excellence; I’ve been playing it over and over and I think I can still hear Neil Tennant with shoegaze and dream-pop aspirations… And “Siebenland” confirms the KRAFTWERK theory with one of its verses sung in German and that martial, tireless rhythmic base, to end up wearing out our ankles.


released June 20, 2011


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Track Name: Gumboots Girl
I’ll destroy my furniture
To build a boat
My little star
Undo my pullover
To sew up a sail
That’ll lead me where you are

Gumboots echoes
Through the plasticine city
Lead my dynamo car
With gravity tickling
My plane is attracted to where you are

And though you’ve pulled up your hood
To become invisible
I’ll know where you are
By the way a car turns
A glowworm’s fading light
A shooting star

I’ll destroy my bycicle
To make a hovercraft
My little star
Undo my king’s cloak
To sew up a carpet
Fly to where you are
Track Name: Underground Gardener
Underground gardener
Give me a second chance
Infinite wisdom, your servant I am
No one told me when to run

Forgive me father
I’ve always been a good son
I followed the rule
Ever since I was born
But no one told me when to run

Tic-tac disaster
We were only having fun
The day you exploded
When everything was formed
Our laughs turned into life
And it was more and more fun

So underground gardener
Give me a second chance
Infinite wisdom, your servant I am
No one told me when to run
Track Name: Stay In My World
I want to know your name
I want to know your name
You say you’ve known me
For a long long time
So please tell me who I am

You’ve got into my room
Now you’re lying on the floor
I thought it was some spring wind
That opened all the doors

Stay in my world

Last time you came here
You left holes in the ceiling
The taste of the water they drop
Makes me remember you
Stay in my world

And there goes my last doubt
Because you left emeralds in the air
And inside your footsteps frozen
Does it mean you can walk

Stay in my world
Track Name: Siebenland
Einwohner von Wäldern in der Stadt
Architekten von Städten im Himmel
Zu denjenigen die wissen dass
Das Meer kommen wird

Allen Traumboten und
Allen Hartnäckigen Forschern
Erbauern einer neuen Gesellschaft

À tous les livreurs de rêves
À tous les obstinés chercheurs
À ceux que travaillent pour une nouvelle société

Habitants de forêts dans les villes
Architectes de villes dans le ciel
À tous ceux qui savent que la mer viendra