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A LITTLE ORCHESTRA, as their name itself indicates, is a small pop orchestra with eleven members, based in London and originally founded at the beginning of 2010 by Monster Bobby, who was one of the main people responsible for the first period of THE PIPETTES. Their versatility and extensive line-up (which includes flutes, violins, violas, and clarinets) has led them to diversify their repertoire: from performing small classical pieces to writing their own songs, playing as a band for renowned names like Darren Hayman, Elizabeth from ALLO DARLIN’, THE PIPETTES, POCKETBOOKS, Shirley Lee from SPEARMINT, and THE LOVES. Their physical format debut has finally arrived with “Josefina”, this limited edition 7” that includes 5 amazing pieces that also include some distinguished guests. Let’s go step by step.

The first song, “Josefina”, which Neil Hannon himself would have been happy to have written, is a beautiful gem with folk origins that includes the fantastic collaboration of the English group, MODEL VILLAGE, and the sweet lyrical voice of Rachel. This wonderful song puts the cards on the table and makes the mastery of the arrangements perfectly clear, not to mention it’s loaded with high voltage emotions. Darren Hayman, the once front-man of HEFNER, writes and sings “The Permanent Way”, tracing the missing link between THE BEATLES and THE ESSEX GREEN; folk, pop, and psychedelia all together in one absolutely magical dose. “Treacle”, written and sung by Simon Stone of THE LOVES and KNICKERS, sounds as if THE BEACH BOYS dreamt of Mozart, or as if Scott Walker were singing a heart-felt song to his long-lost brother, who watched him jubilantly from some hidden corner of paradise. “East Coast” stars Gordon McIntyre of BALLBOY, another illustrious character from the British indie-pop scene who lets himself get carried away with the elegant and evocative melodies and arrangements of the chamber group, making it clear what would happen in the hypothetical situation of Adam Green making a pact with Lee Hazlewood to pay homage to THE LEFT BANKE. The group closes the magnificent and unusual release alone, with an instrumental song written by Monster Bobby that clocks in at just under two minutes; “Clocks, Part 2” is a luminous and melancholic wonder.

A delicate, exciting, tremendously lyrical single that is fragile and sweet at the same time, made for those with the most exquisite palates.


released April 8, 2013


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Track Name: Josefina (With Model Village)
Josefina wakes with the sun
She smiles as she feels it
And the sunlight shows her
All the things that she needs are there

In her one hundred years, what has she seen?
What will she leave?

And everything she sees
She casts in the warm stone
If it’s peace on earth
Or what each one of us is worth

In your one hundred years, what will you see?
In my one hundred years, who will I see?
Who will I leave?
Track Name: The Permanent Way (With Darren Hayman)
I want a quieter movie
Something cut slower
Something less eager

I want Julia, I think her name was Julia
Pretty sure it was Julia
Let’s say Julia

I want Julia in 1985
Sheepskin coat, patterned tights
I want Julia and me to see a movie
One that makes me kiss her
I never did

With Denholm Elliott as the hero
Denholm Elliott as the rogue
Denholm Elliott as the butler
And Wendy Padbury as the girl

Denholm Elliott as the landlord
Dondald Pleasence as the chaplain
Denholm Elliott cares too much
Wendy Padbury given in

Denholm Elliott steps off a train
He wears a rain mac, he wears brogues
It’s a branch line station in 1966
Wendy meets him, wearing T-bar shoes

With Denholm Elliott as the hero
Denholm Elliott as the rogue
Denholm Elliott as the butler
Wendy Padbury as the girl

Denholm Elliott as the landlord
Donald Pleasence as the chaplain
Denholm Elliott takes Wendy in his arms
And whispers
“Please be calm”

We can film these dreams as split-screens
You break our hearts with CGI
I want the celluloid to fade as I get older
And Denholm to sing me lullabies
Track Name: Treacle (With Simon Stone)
I came to
And found you like the night before
Eyes on fire and slowly
Walking through the door
Watching pigeons on
The roof across the street
Treacle, you should probably go to sleep

One night and now I don’t know what to do
Flowers sticking to my spine
Called in sick to spend the day wrapped up in you
Diarrhoea must just be the
Best excuse a boy could ever use

Awake, awake
And with a day trip in your sighs
Vampire whirlwind
Too far gone with just goodbye
Told you last night
That you didn’t need that creep
Treacle, you should probably go
Treacle, you should probably go
Treacle, you should probably go to sleep
Treacle, you should probably go to sleep
Track Name: East Coast (With Gordon McIntyre Of Ballboy)
A straight white line through the east coast night
A voice on the telephone
An old man passes from us
Let’s get these bodies home

The coastal road splits the morning air
Takes the salt out of the waves
Hold my hand, kiss me
Before we run out of days

And if I pass away from you
Throw me to the sea
Don’t look back at the darkened waves
That take me underneath

An old man at the end
Of all the things he’s done and seen
The old man at the edge of the sea

Half the world is on its knees
Waiting for the light
The other half is tooled up
Spoiling for a fight

And the east coast night
And the summer haze
Is all you’ll ever need
Young men rise, old men fall
But never really leave

And if I pass away from you
Throw me to the sea
Turn your back on the darkened waves
That rise up to claim me

A straight white line
Through the east coast night
In the early summer haze
An old man and his grandson
Have a parting of the ways

If I pass away from you
Throw me to the sea
Don’t look back at the rising waves
That take me underneath
Track Name: Clocks, Part 2